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Parking.Ru is a cloud hosting services and SaaS provider, based in Russia and operating since 1999. Apart of cloud hosting and SaaS, offers a wide range of traditional hosting services including shared hosting, virtual machine, clustered server solution, IT-outsourcing. The mission of company is introducing cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and SaaS products and services on Russian hosting market.

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  • WebMatrix Hosting
    руб0 Per Month

Parking.RU offers 60-day free hosting for you projects created with WebMatrix.

  • 1 SQL Database
  • 1 GB HD Space
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth per month
  • Setup Fee: руб0
  • 400M storage, 1 MySQL database
  • Hosting Type: Promotions
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Additional Technologies: IIS Remote, URL Rewrite
  • Publishing Protocols: FTP, Web Deploy 2.0
  • ASP.NET 4.0, ASP.NET 3.5, PHP 5.3 and above, ASP.NET MVC 3.0, ASP.NET MVC 2.0
  • Supported Databases: SQL Server 2008, MySQL
Offer Restrictions: 60-day free trial, 40 RUB (~1 EUR/month) after


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